Why purchase from Audi Kirkwood?

We have one commitment to the St. Louis area: to create Audi Fans through an exceptional purchasing experience. Even if you are looking at one of our quality non-Audi pre-owned vehicles, our goal is to provide you with an enjoyable experience from the beginning of your search to after you drive home in your new vehicle. With our main focus on the experience, you can be assured that we will assist in identifying the vehicle that meets all of your needs. Purchasing a new vehicle is one of the biggest purchases that consumers will make, and we want that experience to be nothing less than exceptional. We offer a low pressure atmosphere that allows you to enjoy your time at our facility and make a confident decision in purchasing. We are very passionate about the Audi brand here in St. Louis. Audi of America has shown incredible growth over the last 10 years and we cannot wait to share that excitement with you!

Why buy Audi?

"Vorsprung durch Technik or, Progress through Technology is Audi's ethos and is the core belief that drives the development of every Audi vehicle. It inspires the innovative solutions, revolutionary engineering and progressive design that have become synonymous with the Audi name." Innovation, luxury, and sport meet together to give drivers a one of a kind driving experience. The attention to detail and countless hours of design stand out on each and every model in the Audi lineup. Where others may build to a price point, Audi builds their vehicles with quality at the forefront. You will notice the quality of the materials used: everything from the seamless laser welds on the construction of the vehicle to the aircraft grade aluminum door handles. One will also come to appreciate the ergonomic, comfortable, and user friendly Audi interior cabin, which further enhances your driving experience. You can't forget about Audi's world renowned Quattro all-wheel drive system. Quattro technology has become known as one of the best all-wheel drive systems available, with consecutive 24 hour Le Mans wins to prove it. This gives you confidence in the handling and performance of your Audi. While many others try to imitate, there are no comparisons to the progressive exterior design of all the Audi models. Whether it is the classic four rings logo or the unmistakable daytime running LED headlights, you can spot an Audi coming from a long distance away. There is a reason why Audi is having year after year growth and success, and we want you to come discover the excitement and become an Audi Fan! We would love to share with you more about what makes Audi such an exciting brand to be a part of. Please stop by our facility or inquire today to learn more on how you can become a part of the Audi family.

How do I get the best quote for my trade in?

Stopping by our facility to have your vehicle appraised is the most accurate way we can put an evaluation together for your trade. Each and every used vehicle is different. We may come to find out that you have an exceptional vehicle and we can offer you top dollar for it. On the other hand, we may find that your vehicle is a bit rough, and we can't offer as much as an online evaluation tool may suggest. We would rather provide you with a fair and honest trade evaluation, rather than overpromise and not be able to deliver.

What if I have no trade in or any money down?

It depends on what vehicle you are looking to purchase or lease. We often are able work with you if you prefer to put as little money down as possible.

How do I know that I am getting the best deal?

At Audi Kirkwood we understand that price is very important in your decision making process when purchasing a new vehicle. We also know that getting the best price is not always getting the best deal. We first and foremost want to meet your needs as a consumer and provide you with an excellent Audi Kirkwood ownership experience, before, during, and after the sale. You can go anywhere to get a best price. We not only want to offer you a great price, but also an exciting and truly exceptional experience.

What if I do not enjoy car shopping? I am interested in an Audi, but I do not want to deal with having to go to a dealership.

We understand. We want you to choose a method of vehicle research and purchasing that you are comfortable with, whether it is by phone, text, email, or video chat. We are not looking to push you into our facility immediately to get you to go for a test drive. Sure, we will invite you in for a test drive, because we understand how much information you can receive by getting behind the wheel of one of our exciting vehicles. We also invest a great deal of time and money in training our Audi Brand Specialist, so that they are well equipped to provide you with the information that you are looking for.


I am new to leasing. How do I know if leasing is a good option for me?

If you prefer a lower monthly payment and enjoy getting into a new vehicle every 3-4 years, chances are leasing will be a great option for you. Please read our leasing benefits next to our current lease specials.

What if I want to break my lease early?

Each situation is a little bit different. However, often times we find that Audi owners who lease, are in a good position to trade out of a lease into a new Audi early. Even if you are not currently in an Audi lease, we will work with you to get you into a new Audi sooner than you may have expected.

What if I owe more on my current vehicle than it is currently worth?

This is a tough situation that unfortunately occurs every once in a while. This doesn't mean we can't find a vehicle that will work for you. If it is in reason, we are often able to roll previous inequity into a new vehicle.

What if I am inquiring from a long distance away, but am very interested in one of your vehicles?

We work with clients who live out of the area often. We can use pictures and videos to assist you in "seeing" the vehicle without actually being able to see it in person right away. We also are more than willing to work with you to have the vehicle transported to you. New or used, we will be transparent and honest with you, making sure that you are satisfied with the vehicle and eliminating the worry of purchasing sight unseen. 

What is Market Based Pricing?

Just as you use technology to find a great price on a vehicle you are looking for, we use current data from our market area, to offer our vehicles for one of the best prices in the market. This reduces the need to "haggle" and provides a much more pleasurable purchasing experience, making the most of your time. Essentially, we do not mark up a vehicle, just to mark it back down for a sale. We want to offer a fair, great price right from the beginning of your search. 

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